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  • What is 100% pure Noni juice and how does it work?

Noni juice comes from the fruit of the Noni tree (Morinda Citrifolia). The Noni fruit juice contains a massive number of vitamins, minerals and enzymes – which are all needed for optimum health and may not be present in your current diet.


  • Where does it come from?

Our juice is made from fruits growing in the wild in the South Pacific Islands, including Cook Islands.


  • Who can take Noni juice?

Everyone. There has not been a report of this juice being harmful to anyone

       of any age.


  • How much of this juice do I need and when do I take it?

After an introductory period, 30ml per day before breakfast when your stomach is empty.


  • What about the taste?

Most of our customers said Cook Island’s Noni juice is the best tasting in the whole South Pacific, but if needed you can add any juice of your choice to alleviate the taste. We recommend berry juices as they are also rich in anti-oxidants.


  • What are the side effects of Noni juice?

 No side effects have ever been reported however, some pharmaceutical companies have tried dirty tactics in this area.


  • Why do we need to supplement?

The answer here is simple. Our current food supply is deficient in many essential nutrients. We need to supplement to avoid malnutrition.


  • Are plastic bottles OK?

No, never take Noni juice from plastic bottles because chemicals from the bottles can leach into your juice. Some elements of Noni juice are not protected by plastic. (We would love to use plastic bottles to halve your freight cost, but our ethics won’t allow us.)


  • Are all Noni juices the same?

Only go with 100% pure juice to be sure what you are getting. Powdered Noni juice is a complete waste of money and as with any industry, you will always get what you pay for!



  • Is Noni juice cost effective?

Noni juice contains over 150 identified ingredients, you would have to take a bucketfull of multi-vitamin pills to equal the daily dose of this juice. You only spend less than $1.00 per day for a dose.



  • All our Cook Island growers take care of the fruit organically.
  • All our local processors are certified to the high world standard.
  • All our packaging is beyond normal requirements.

    • Am I buying from a secure site?

    Yes, the latest 128 bit security system has been installed – for your shopping pleasure, safety and security.



    • Always check the size of the bottle when comparing Noni juices.
    • Some say the freight charge is free but they have actually added it to the price! Beware!
    • Always make sure there is nutritional label on the bottle. This is a legal requirement, but since it has a cost others tend to avoid the expense. It may be that or they refuse to put the label because their product does not compare with real 100% Noni juice.